Weekly Digest – 18 June 2021

Four New Auckland Vaccination Centres to Open

Four new community vaccination centres in Albany, Tāmaki, Pukekohe, and Takanini will open by the end of June, increasing the total number of vaccination centres in Auckland to 12.  This is to support the vaccine rollout to group 3, which includes people aged 65 and over, as well as other at-risk groups.

More than 110,000 people 65 years old and above living in Auckland will receive an invitation via text or email to book their vaccination by 18 June (Friday).  The remaining invitations to group 3 will be issued by mid-July.

NZ-Victoria Travel Bubble Pause Extended

New Zealand’s quarantine-free travel bubble with Victoria was originally scheduled to resume on 10 June, but public health officials recommended extending the pause for another week.  Although most of the cases in Melbourne are linked to overseas, there are at least three cases where a link has not been identified.  This means community transmission in Victoria is possible.

NZ’s precautionary approach in continuing the travel bubble pause will be reviewed again this week.

Stock Exchange for Smaller Companies

A new stock exchange for smaller companies has been granted permission to launch.

Catalist is the only licensed stock exchange in New Zealand designed for small- and medium-sized businesses with an initial value of $6 million to $60 million.  It had been given a licence to open from 21 June, and is intended to fill the gap in the country’s capital markets. They’re aiming to get up to 200 companies in the first five years.

This could be a stepping stone for SMEs, and Catalist said it will assist these businesses in transitioning to a more traditional stock exchange when they reach an appropriate size.  Get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Eight Key Signs You Need To Hire Additional Support Staff

How do you work out when it’s time to bring on new team members?  For busy business owners and those that are new to the game, it may not always be clear when it’s time to move beyond your core employees and get additional help.

In this Forbes article, a panel of Young Entrepreneur Council members share eight telling signs that you need more support staff.  Below is an overview of the indicators you should look out for:

  • Your team hesitates to use time off
  • Employees complain of being too busy
  • Staff are behind on key responsibilities
  • KPIs and success rates begin to fall
  • Managers and employees lose focus
  • Overtime and errors spike
  • Customer service tickets pile up
  • Customers complain more frequently

Do you manage your own books?  It’s best to focus on your core responsibilities as a business owner and get expert help for the financial side of your business.  Book a consultation with us and let’s discuss how we can make your life easier.

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